Saturday, June 23, 2007

More PC Bullshit That Will One Day End The World...

My sister teaches High School Math. I will not name the district, because I have no doubt that if word ever got back to them that my sister had made this public, they would no doubt make her life more of a Dantean Hell than it is already. My sister, one of the last great teachers who actually cares about not only her students but the integrity of the educational system, insists that students have the right to pass or fail at their choice. If a student does the work, studies hard, and applies themselves, they will learn enough to pass. If they don't pay attention, slack off, or are outright assholes who REFUSE to do the necessary things, well, as she says, "they have the right to fail."

There was a student, let's call him "Tim", for anonymity's sake, who comes a from an academically successful family. His father is a dentist or a doctor, or something like that, and his older brothers are intelligent and successful. Tim, for lack of a better word, is a fuck stick. Useless sack of flesh who isn't qualified to salt french fries, who will end up with a good job regardless because of Daddy's connections, most likely. Tim does not want to work hard enough to succeed. Tim failed many, many tests, getting grades as low as a 4. I shit you not. Well, my sister, still wanting this child to have the chance to succeed, gave him some points for a few of his tests to bring his grade up to the point where if he STARTED studying and applying himself, he'd still have a shot at graduating. She didn't pass him outright, but if she had given him the grade he earned, he would have had no shot whatsoever. (Where were teachers like that when I was a kid?) So, did Tim accept this gift with the necessary humility and determination to do the right thing and buckle down? Well, let's just say "no fucking way." Tim failed his final, and as a result, had not earned the necessary grades to graduate. I won't say he failed, because the saga does not end as predicted.

The administration, who cares more about how many students GRADUATE rather than how many actualy pass the classes, put tremendous pressure on my sister to give this little jizz stain a passing grade REGARDLESS of his results, so they could crow mightily about how all their students are smart and all their students graduate! My sister held on to her morals and ethics, and refused to give him a grade other than the one he had earned. The administration went over her head, and gave Tim a new final exam, giving him a completely undeserved second chance to scrape by and squeak through the doors.

Guess what? The dumb fucker failed it again. You'd think taking a test twice he would have SOME sort of advantage, maybe the intelligence to study what was on the exam itself in a futile attempt to actually absorb some of the information. But maybe Tim isn't so stupid at that, because obviously, he must have KNOWN what was going to happen. That's right, even though this "student" failed the same math final TWICE... the administration simply let him graduate ANYWAY.

Three cheers for the academia! Hip hip, hooray! Hip hip, hooray! Hip hip, HOO THE FUCK ARE THESE ASSHOLES AND WHAT RIGHT DO THEY HAVE LETTING PEOPLE OUT INTO THE WORLD WITH NO REAL EDUCATION?!?!?!? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Their job is to teach these fucking dim wit bastard mother fuckers, not just baby sit them for 12 years and then let them walk out with a diploma they didn't earn!

This nation is getting stupider and stupider, and no one seems to care! This is a fucking outrage, and it is disgusting that the ADMINISTRATORS of my sisters school, the ones who are supposed to help her make sure these kids are getting an education, instead attempt to annoy, intimidate, and cajole my sister into betraying her sense of honor, decency and truth and abandoning these kids to their wanton ignorance.

We have officially gone off the reservation, people. We're more worried about how failing will hurt a child's self esteem and dignity than we are about preparing the child for the real world. Thus the real world will be filled with more and more idiots, who will reproduce quicker because they're not smart enough to use birth control, and eventually, the world will be full of idiot assholes. (watch "Idiocracy," people. It's happening.)

So I give a nice hearty "FUCK YOU" to my sister's place of employment. You assholes are a shameful example of spineless, ballless, ethicless, ass-licking sycophants catering to the parents of these brainless fuckbags you let waltz out your doors every June. I hope every one of you catches a flesh eating virus in your genitals.