Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Secret Revealed:

My girlfriend Nille is back in the USA for almost four weeks! HOOHAH!

She flew in yesterday, and today was my niece's birthday, so we kept it a surprise (for which my sister gave me a good natured shot in the arm). Now the surprise has been done, so the veil of secrecy can be lifted!

Pictures of her current stay to be posted when they happen.

And ::GULP:: I MAY be taking a trip to Denmark in May, money and time allowing, for a wedding (not ours (sorry, Carole (and Stacey (and Nille, for that matter!))))

Friday, December 14, 2007


Go see it.

Will Smith turns in a brilliant performance as Robert Neville, a virologist who is the last survivor of a plague that has wiped out New York City, possibly the world. The plague was the result of what was thought to be a cure for cancer, which went sour with disastrous results. 90% of the World's population were killed by the plague, and 1% were immune. The remaining 9% were transformed into something akin to a vampire. As a result, Robert is alone for three years with no human contact, his only companion a loyal German Shepherd named Sam. His days are spent patroling the city, block by block, hunting down nests of infected that he can capture and take back to his lab to try and cure, hunting deer in his purloined 2007 Mustang, driving golf balls off the wing of a stealth fighter aboard the Intrepid, and farming. His nights are spend huddled in a bathtub behind iron window shades, curled up with Sam and his machine gun. (this movie is a video-game waiting to be made. Picture Grand Theft Auto with vampires.) As the isolation and desperation begin to take it's toll on his mind, he inches ever closer to discovering a cure. When he meets two other non-infected people, his world is thrown into chaos...

I won't even front on this one. I cried. Go see it, and if you know me at all, you'll know exactly when I cried.

This movie showed that Will Smith can carry an entire movie, if he wants to. This was his Cast Away. I have tremendous respect for what he can bring to a role when he's not busy clowning.

The movie has received some negative reviews, and I'm not going to say it was perfect. But if you can watch a movie and enjoy it based solely on the character, this one will be a winner for you.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sitcom Cancelled?

That's right, folks... as of December 31, I am no longer employed by the Riverhead Branch of South Spoon Bank. I have landed another job at the Blue Point Branch. So I am finally escaping the shanty town that Riverhead has become for some more elegant surroundings. Hopefully this will spark some creativity for this, my poor stagnant blog.

I've got a secret...

and I can't tell until next week. But it is very exciting, and must REMAIN a secret until next week, so no public guessing or reveals if you're reading this and you know. But it'll be some good stuff.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Go Away... 'batin'!

OK, so I'm in the middle of saving the universe in Mass Effect, and I've gotta tell ya, this game is sweet. 9.7 out of 10. Only minus: lack of any kind of ship to ship combat.

And avoid taking elevators whenever possible. (Play it. You'll see.)

More coming soon, I promise.

In the meantime, enjoy the new posts on the Smart Centipede Sports Edition, located in the links section on this very blog!