Monday, April 09, 2007

Sunday Night at the iTunes Store...

Don Imus' Playlist

"To Be Racist" (Track 1): "Macka B is a spook genius!"

"White America" (Track 2): "Eminem sounds just like one of them coloreds!"

"Nappy Headed Blues" (Track 3): "I can't get enough of Bobby Grant. Only an old school darkie can sing the blues like that!"

"I'm A Moron" (Track 4): "Very soothing. Mike Schmid speaks to me in a way that only another fucking dipshit idiot could understand."

"Me and My Big Mouth" (Track 5): "Little Charlie and the Nightcats are perfect for when I'm trying to think up new ethnic slurs for young college students!"

"Off the Air" (Track 6): "I love the Virginia Coalition. Sounds like one of them chocolate-lovin' equal rights groups!"

"Foot In Mouth" (Track 7): "Listen to the guitar picking Magda Hiller does. Reminds me of pickin' cotton!"

"Senile Dementia" (Track 8): "Nothing fuels my hatred of those coons like some Benediction thrash metal!"

"Hoes in my Room" (Track 9): "Ludacris is a poet, very talented... for an inferior species."