Monday, March 12, 2007

The Archives Have Been Recovered...

Pieced together through painstaking effort from the ashes of the old Blog, I have recovered a great many posts. Unfortunately, the best, first post, the grand explanation behind Smart Centipede, has been lost to history, like the library of Alexandria.

Here, dear reader, is the first in a series of filler- er, classic posts, re-printed here for your amusement!


Thu 1 Dec 2005

Geeble Gorper Burble Flump!

Posted by smartcentipede under Random Acts of Violins

Have you HEARD Nick Nolte lately? The muthafucka sounds like he’s reading his lines while gargling maple syrup. Watch the Incredible Hulk, you’ll see. Also a proud graduate of the Aunt Jemima School of Delivery is Jeff Bridges in Seabiscuit.