Tuesday, February 12, 2019

An Easy Way For Trump to Remember the Difference Between Weather and Climate Change Science:

Donald Trump has once again showed his ignorance, whether willful or otherwise, regarding the science of climate change whilst calling out Amy Klobuchar on her announced run for President in 2020.

Trump's Twitter Shitter

I have come up with a very elegant, simple solution for the President to remember the difference between weather and climate change science. Weather is a snapshot, whereas climate change science is a set of observations that builds up evidence of a scientific trend. Still confused? Let me give another example:

This is a photo that seems to suggest that Donald Trump has shit his pants. It is a snapshot, not proof that the President of the United States walks around 24/7 with a set of drawers filled with the green apple splatters.

So now, Mr. President, do you see the difference? Do you understand that- like the picture of you failing basic toilet training- a day's weather is an isolated view that could defy the ongoing trend, or are you really 24/7 full of shit?