Sunday, January 26, 2014

Food For Thought:

Here's food for thought: in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, when we first meet the Ewoks, they hold Luke, Han, Chewie at spearpoint, tie them up, and prepare to cook them for a feast. (Spoilers for those in a 30 year coma:) It is only through Luke using Jedi shenanigans on C3PO that he puts the fear of God in them and they let them go.

These little furry bastards are cannibals.

NOW go back and watch the movie again, paying special attention to the fact that they have several Imperial Stormtrooper helmets assembled as trophies (and an admittedly bitchin' drum kit), and ponder this: are there heads inside those helmets? What exactly are they serving at the celebration feast? They never, to the best of my memory, show any other animals in the forests of Endor, which would seem to suggest that these creatures tend to hunt other species to near (or total) extinction, and are not shy about frying up anyone they manage to trap (even if they are not so distant relatives, genetically speaking, as the Ewok must be to the Wookie).

All I'm saying is that the Rebels feasted on the flesh of fallen Stormtroopers, which were basically genetically modified and cloned organisms held in bondage against their will and trained to murder. If the noblest heroes of our generation's fantasy lore are okay with this, I think we can survive eating a genetically modified tomato and a cloned beef burger.