Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh my God, they killed Twitter!

You Bastards!

But seriously, folks, what form of electronic communication is still functioning at 100% today? With everyone in the Northern Western Hemisphere in a country with drinkable water and no Prime Ministers was trying to tune into the inauguration today, and this reporter was no exception. (Yeah, I called myself a reporter, deal with it.)

But even Twitter cannot handle the overload a full 5 and a half hours later AFTER the actual inauguration. I guess everyone in America is trying to post their thoughts, attempting to be the one voice of history.

History will remember none of us. But we will remember it.

I felt a real sense of optimism and pride wash over me today, pride that we've seemingly overcome one of the stupidest, most petty boundaries in the history of the world. Optimism that this guy can actually deliver on half of what he has promised. And I like the fact that he didn't say everything is rosy. He knows what we all know: the US is in the shitter right now, and it's gonna take some hefty plunging to unstop the drain and get things flowing again. Roll up your sleeves, America. We only have four years to make sure this looks like it was the best idea we've ever had.