Tuesday, July 08, 2008

So Wait, Lying Is Wrong?

It cracks me the fuck up to see people complaining that Barack Obama might be flip flopping on certain issues like the plan to pull troops out of Iraq and such. I'm sorry, when did it become unusual for a Presidential candidate to change his mind?

George Bush has turned this country into a near-apocalyptic wasteland the likes Mel Gibson has never seen. Gas is $4.50 a gallon, people are losing their homes, disease is running rampant, and the skies are raining acid from all the pollution we're putting in the air. Pretty sure THAT wasn't in the campaign speech in 2000.

"If elected, I promise to sucker our country into a prolonged ground war with shifting objectives that will prevent any clear cut victory. I promise to let oil rich countries hold our people hostage, wringing every cent out of their pockets. I'm going to let illegal immigrants get more rights than the citizens that came here legally, or those that have lived here since birth. I promise to let corporate executives get richer off their pensions that are hewn from the sweat of the employees that will be ruined when that corporate executive dumps his stock and sends his company down the shit hole. Oh, and you'll get a nice fat tax rebate check."

Fuck it. Obama needed to say he's going to yank troops out in a day to get the nomination and then say it'll take some time? At this point I will take the devil I don't know, as opposed to the Devil that I know is currently fucking my country up.