Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday morning at the iTunes Store...

Chris Simon's Playlist

"I'm A Thug" (Track 1): "Yo, Trick Daddy totally gets me going when I'm looking to endanger someone's livelihood."

"Loser" (Track 2): "Beck is so innovative. Everything he does is radical. His music hits you like a stick to the throat."

"I Want You To Hurt Like I Do" (Track 3): "Randy Newman isn't exactly what I listen to normally, but this song just spoke to me."

"Slash Dementia" (Track 4): "Carcass' driving rythyms are awesome for when I'm in the park attacking puppies and retarded children."

"Broken Jaw" (Track 5): "Red Cloud coems up with some really good instrumentals. I crank this when I'm feeling mellow, like when I'm suffocating the elderly with alcohol soaked pillows."

"Kill Those Rangers Now" (Track 6): "Scul Hazzards, man. Dig those drums. Great title, too."

"Retaliation" (Track 7): "My favorite track from Jedi Mind Tricks' best album, 'Violent By Design.' Gotta love it for torturing homeless guys behind the shelter."

"I'm An Asshole" (Track 8): "Hee hee. Denis Leary is funny! I don't know why this song speaks to me."

"He's A Douchebag" (Track 9): "Did you know that Fred Savage and the Unbeatables AREN'T led by that kid from Vice Versa? Despite their trickery, this song is pretty neat for scalping my unconscious dates to."

"Dare To Be Stupid" (Track 10): "I love Weird Al Yankovick. People need to stop ripping this guy off. Madonna, Michael Jackson, Queen, I'm looking at you. And sharpening my stick."

"Violence" (Track 11): "Blink 182 makes me want to beat people with a stick. So does Barry Manilow. So does Television. So does Breathing."