Sunday, March 18, 2007

Hey, you in the third row yakking incessantly...


My brother and I went for yet another showing of 300 (my third, his fourth) and yet again the experience was soured by the incessant yammering of some pathetic morons who cannot differentiate between things they think and things they say.

My brother lodged a complaint with the manager, expressing his anger at having his movie experience ruined by other patrons. The manager insisted on giving my brother some free passes to another movie, despite my brother's insistance that he did not want any kind of compensation other than an assurance that some kind of solution to this blight be found.

Well, THAT is the solution. Make sure, in the event that someone in the theater continues to talk and disrupt your enjoyment of the movie, that you complain vociferously to management, and ask for free passes if none are offered. If enough people complain to management about these chowderheads, and they are forced to give out enough free passes, there WILL be something done about the problem.

A simple first step would be to bring back those PSA's at the beginning of the movie requesting that people turn off their cellphones, and refrain from talking. I have no idea why they stopped showing those. I thought the one with Kevin James was quite funny.

And correct me if I am wrong, but the movie theaters have every right to eject patrons that are disruptive. So how about we start getting some ushers who aren't just lanky pimple farms too afraid (or complacent) to tell someone to shut up or leave.

I KNOW Tommy will want to comment on this, so I open the floor up to him.