Sunday, February 18, 2007


Juan Pablo Montoya today takes his international star status from Formula One racing to the Daytona 500. His entry into NASCAR is being heralded as a great thing for NASCAR and Montoya himself. It is said that he will bring a wider audience to the racing circuit, much like Tiger Woods was able to bring golf to a wider audience.

Thank God we have our priorities straight. We can't solve hunger, end war, cure cancer, or even begin to find a solution for racists, homophobes, sexists, and violent criminals, but at least we can get the Hispanic audience to care about a bunch of morons who can't make a right hand turn.

I guess we'll get the same crock of hippocritical bullshit from the media who praised Dannica Patrick as a heroine, giving us every detail of her 15th place finish when we don't even know who finished third (I think she would have done better if she didn't have to stop and ask directions every three laps. And FORGET about having to stop to pee every half hour). Patrick and Montoya are followed and swallowed by the media when more deserved racers (if there is such an oxymoron) are glossed over. And in the end, who REALLY gives a shit about a bunch of good ole boys who can't turn right? I'm hoping that Montoya gets forgetful going into turn number three and forgets that right hand turns aren't encouraged here like they are in Formula One. It'll make for a spectacular wreck.

Tiger Woods is the BEST golfer on the planet. Hands down. He should get his attention because of that, not because of his race. Racial equality will never occur unless we give the exact same treatment to everyone, regardless of race, color, or sexual orientation.

So long as we keep hearing "they are the first [ethnic classification] to [random accomplishment] in [given sport/entertainment]" then we will never have equality.

Another thing; open note to Tim Hardaway: Dude. What the hell are you thinking? You don't like gay people. Fine. I have no such hatred or fear in me. You are entitled to your opinion. But are you seriously so stupid that you're gonna pop off about it on a live broadcast? Ignorant fool. Keep your hate and your vitriol for someone who deserves it, like ignorant racist, sexist homophobes.