Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Updated Smart Centipede English Dictionary

Befrigged (bee•FRIGD) ADJECTIVE 1. the state of being frigged; Her father didn't care if she ever got off this befrigged island.

Bitchery (BI•chuh•ree) NOUN 1. the act of aggregious complaining for extended periods; I've had it with her endless bitchery.

Blb blub blu blub blu (BLB•blub•blu•blub•blu) INTERJECTION 1. that cheek flab ruffling that Lewis Black does when he's on a roll. "Sentence: "Tom Ridge has the leadership qualities of -Blb blub blu blub blu- a gerbil."

Bunth (buhnth) - NOUN 1. an object or situation that is created out of or used to spite. Sentence: "Tired of hearing that "month" was the only word in the English Language that had no rhyme, Kenn Beck coined the term bunth." pl. -s

Dipstick (DIP•stik) - ADJECTIVE 1. A type of lesbian that is the polar opposite of a lipstick lesbian, i.e. one who specializes in manly activities. Sentence: "Not only did she change the oil in her car... but she also douched with it. She's more dipstick than lipstick." pl. -s

Scyme (skime) - NOUN 1. a thick scum that accumulates on the body during any kind of physical activity involving sweat or bodily fluids and dust or other airborne particles. Sentence: "I have to get home and shower this scyme off my body."

Zjuqix (ZYOO•kiks) - NOUN 1. an object created solely to benefit its creator. Sentence: "Zjuqix is worth 38 points in Scrabble." pl. Zjuqixii